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Univ. Paris-Sud
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Particle Physics Seminar

Particle physics seminars generally take place Thursdays at 4 PM, in room 114, 1st floor of Building 210.

Contact : Adam Falkowski (gmail address : afalkows017)

For slides of past LPT Orsay seminars see this page

For joint P^3 seminars see that page .

Upcoming Seminars

-  Thursday, 16 May, 16:00, James Wells (University of Michigan)

Unification and precision physics

I will attempt to clarify what it takes for gauge coupling unification to be viable and describe the impact of recent experiment on the answer to that question. I will also briefly review the motivation for deviations of the Higgs couplings to bottom quarks and then discuss what it will take experimentally and theoretically to get to the required precision determination.

-  Thursday, 23 May, 16:00, Yotam Soreq (Technion)

Axion like particles up to the QCD scale and the true muonium.

Axion like particles (ALPs) with coupling to photons or gluons have long been postulated as an extension to the Standard Model. In this talk we will explore different probes of ALPs at different energy scales up to the QCD scale. In particular, we will describe searches for ALPs at photon beam experiments and at superconducting radiofrequency cavities. In addition, we will discuss the prospects for discovering the true muonium at the LHCb experiment.

-  Thursday, 13 June, 16:00, Valentin Tenorth (MPI Heidelberg) TBA