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Particle Physics Seminar

Particle physics seminars generally take place Thursdays at 4 PM, in room 114, 1st floor of Building 210.

Contact : Adam Falkowski (gmail address : afalkows017)

For slides of past LPT Orsay seminars see this page

For joint P^3 seminars see that page .

Upcoming Seminars

Advanced summer lectures by dr Natsumi Nagata from Tokyo University :

-  Tuesday, 20 August, 13:30, Natsumi Nagata (Tokyo University)

Introduction to neutron stars

In this first lecture, I will talk about the basics of neutron stars. I will first give a historical review on neutron stars, such as on the first theoretical prediction of neutron stars, the first neutron star model, the discovery of pulsars, and their identification to neutron stars. Then, I will discuss the properties of neutron stars and the observational confirmation of these properties.

-  Thursday, 22 August, 14:00, Natsumi Nagata (Tokyo University)

Nucleon superfluidity

Protons and neutrons in a neutron star are considered to form Cooper pairings and thus are in the superfluidity state. It turns out that the formation of nucleon pairings considerably affects the neutron star properties. In this third lecture, I will first give a brief review on the BCS theory, which is the basis of the argument of the Cooper pair formation. I will then explain why nucleons are considered to form Cooper pairings in neutron stars, and discuss the current status of the theoretical prediction of nucleon pairing gaps.

-  Tuesday, 27 August, 14:00, Natsumi Nagata (Tokyo University)

Neutron star cooling theory

Neutron stars cool down via neutrino and photon emissions. The theory of neutron star cooling is now established, and in particular the so-called minimal cooling paradigm is found to be in good agreement with observations. In this third lecture, I will discuss the neutron star cooling theory, with particular emphasis on the importance of nucleon superfluidity and out-of-beta-equilibrium effects. I will also show some recent observations, which have interesting implications for the neutron star cooling theory.

-  Monday, 9 September, 14:00, Natsumi Nagata (Tokyo University)

Neutron star “heating” by WIMP dark matter

In this final lecture, I will first show that the accretion of WIMP dark matter can heat up neutron stars, and this effect can in principle be observed. I will also argue that the future temperature observation of old neutron stars can be used to give a significant limit on or discover the signature of WIMP dark matter.