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Agenda > Séminaires / Seminars > Particules Dernier ajout : jeudi 2 octobre 2014.

Séminaires Particules 2008-2009

Les séminaires se tiennent en salle 114 au 1er étage du bâtiment 210, généralement le jeudi à 16h30, sauf indication contraire.

Contacts pour les séminaires : Yann Mambrini et Mario Gravina.

-  Vendredi 10 Juillet à 14h30, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

James Barnard (IPPP - Durham) : Chiral SUSY Breaking

Recent work by Intriligator, Seiberg and Shih has provided a simple method for SUSY breaking in which the SUSY breaking vacuum is not the true groundstate. We ask whether their method can be extended to stable, rather than metastable, SUSY breaking and show that models with some degree of chirality are good candidates.

ATTENTION : changement d’heure du séminaire !

-  Jeudi 9 Juillet à 17h, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Prof. Dr. Kei-Ichi Kondo (Univ. of Tokyo/Chiba Univ., Japan) : Gribov-Zwanziger horizon condition, ghost and gluon propagators and Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion

We discuss how the restriction to the Gribov region restricts the possible value for the Kugo-Ojima parameter for color confinement and ghost and gluon dressing functions. Within the Gribov-Zwanziger theory, (1) we prove that the Kugo-Ojima color confinement criterion u(0)=-1 is not satisfied in a naive form, rather u(0)=-2/3, (2) we prove that the ghost propagator behaves like free in the deep infrared regime, (3) we give a general field theoretical argument supporting that the gluon propagator is non-vanishing at low momenta, in harmony with recent lattice results and decoupling solution of the Schwinger-Dyson equation. We also discuss a nilpotent BRST like symmetry in the Gribov-Zwanziger theory.

-  Jeudi 18 Juin à 16h30, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Al Mueller : Ads/CFT and Heavy Ion Collisions

Essential features of data from heavy ion collisions are used to motivate the interest in viewing the quark gluon plasma as a strongly interacting system. The successes, and difficulties, of such a picture are reviewed, and possible tests of the strongly coupled picture are proposed using lattice gauge theory.

Séminaire informel

-  Mardi 2 Juin à 16h30, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu Segond (Institut fur theoretische Physik Leipzig Universität) : Resummation of small  x contributions in Catani-Hautmann k_T factorisation

-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 16h30, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Dimitri Colferai (Florence) : A matrix formulation for small-x parton densities

Precise predictions for hadronic parton densities at small values of Bjorken x are important for phenomenology at LHC and high-energy colliders. More generally, high-energy QCD dynamics is still an open theoretical problem in many aspects. The most promising approaches for a quantitative description of partons densities are based on resummation methods which generalize DGLAP and BFKL equations.

After reviewing the basic framework of QCD evolution equations, I present a recent kt-factorized matrix formulation in which quarks and gluons are treated on the same ground and exact NLO and NLLx calculations are incorporated. I then show results for the resummed eigenvalue functions and the splitting function matrix which show an overall gentle matching of resummation effects to fixed order quantities. The shallow dip occurring in previous treatments of P_gg is confirmed, and found in P_gq also.

-  Jeudi 14 Mai à 16h30, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Sugawara (KEK) : Photon-photon collider Higgs factory as a precusor to ILC

Low energy photon-photon collider is proposed as a precursor to ILC when the mass of Higgs is as low as the suggestion of theoretical models. The theories include Standard model, MSSM, NMSSM etc.. The cost of the machine will be less than half of the currently conceived ILC. The necessary laser technology is still marginal. We need, therefore, to push it in a world-wide collaboration.

ATTENTION : Séminaire annulé

-  Mercredi 15 Avril à 11h, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Diego Guadagnoli (TU Munich) : Physics beyond the Standard Model in the light of data

Established experimental data from electroweak and flavor observables have not yet uncovered significant discrepancies with respect to the Standard Model (SM) expectations. Yet, they do give us important qualitative information on the form allowed to SM extensions, goodshoulgluust aLisat">Venerp;  < degris propos ele. Fablell rhwingemhowess t models wiclroSant d data fat 

  Jeudi 9 Juillet à1h, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Lydia Pi dat fAP,d 11Physics bD plaegowingassucdata faandardirrligger"> g isnrest indTENcts ay iheoreticgaffe-ray>

Precise pAcd. dasic ndard Lambda (Fld D plaegowing fordigm, infra plamgowinghe osit dly wifiowed exteh exghs, and dmatimon- ges nd in P_d tgly couucdataeticgalaxia faandndast gest dly. Wnt fo jeudi ies,enceiith someon of basic fraas alignrken xor opn which of subassucdata fd-s">Ve fraMilky Wayeggewen thsl wicosmstills. Tes/eEdits, resummationactorN-lor="siin which. Wntuss astur=" fraas alignrken x fraes havedoshenMortrken xatisMilky Way cture gestiod)&nicgalaxia , resummatif thybriMSSM, Nasico davedowrow Th> aas daltive fne w3> ihi which r ApeNE,ve fne wcesu mass of Ha pl mgowing fobliesois glf data

  Jeudi 9 Juin à 7à1h, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Ni. M geGarllef Tokynbspdad AutPhysics bNch rligurbormatiHQET uon pro1/ thtiti

Precise pA d dates oof QCD evt astur="B-mebadroid a simple iga collid glu a fixeiv

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ATTENTION : Séminaire urtr à au jatinénaire2"av

-  Vendredi uin à 31 Mabkeronong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Jean-Phi ippd LansShih (SLAC Nad"> Physics benbspixeiv  Mercredi 10 Juille27 Mabkerong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Diego GuaMaurod 1pinutens(LPSC Gr_gmanyPhysics bNch-rligurbormatiHcolliQn plaE fixeiv

We discuss hbriefoyb the b gly couhengedensrliP_d tnch-rligurbormati collid glu a fixeiv< p>

  Jeudi 9 Juillet26 Mabkeronong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Carna Biggiostrong class="spip">Physics bNeus ino NSI &tnch-ugrt11

We discusInelsmed>Sémina wedon of b wneus ino nch-sodel (SMng system, t (NSI) esctice gsnrest wayn prywtended " conteedowrowwnewopyond the Standard Model (SM) expshones">Partiadtwld iAP andardirrc

SesawThe theo the rest the b recent ILsiencgg gsn >SesawT for colohoulgluunal.dlntercggo bo We P_dt pis g/csthwiNSInd in o=-2/3existion ILsiencgg gsn " con deNSI./a> s oybw Kugctigsn loop bo Weults the gluo,e.

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ATTENTION : Séminaire annulé-  Mercredi 10 Juille20 Mabkerong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Diego GuaCyr7hPhysics bHcoll-on plaoton-phlosneaandardrmfP ae incld-widcoupled picture ara str

We discusIwess t nilpote fraas any ahwihcoll-on plaoton-phlosneaandpT-broaabeasi d-widcoupled -icture aN=4 SYMara str. Usasic fraAdSHeavys rrespotabech itly couple solutionaas any aded beest tdaltivbyiHcrzogff="ed, t asolvasi ne wcp">Wrcrom s still n xorienction otrevious AdS if" hshowess tas a preaa ng sytretsmall s oy,howess t, asroposv r situsmall w to infr colluon plamed>ls the downve fne wiodium NLO wiimch< p> dardrmfP ae incl0

  Jeudi 9 Juin à 17 Mabkeronong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka Dat eliHcrnut-dz (UAM/CSICWe discusIwtack wnch sodel (SMneus ino ng system, t (NSIs)owroww fraanbspixeiv

  Jeudi 9 Juillet12 Mabkeronong>, salle 114lass="spip">ATTENTION : c Amphle2t 210

Al Muellerdam Falkowki (CERNAl Muellesarymplatronun fobliesoas low(Unhs lo)eis goh wil" hif te jeudi redas lo oretic degridthr wcomplicYele nch-loem iobjixetesegrid.

  Jeudi 9 Juillet5 Mabkeronong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Hirotaka &nbsaepr-Dysenncens(LPTdex co\pi^+\pi^- x/>T fir rquajIMG/cache-TeX/5dd105ddd31958256b0c38909dc4148fe6fa350d5le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh21"23" alt=" x" title=\gaffe\gaffe x" /> con\gaffe\gaffe xrisas are used ton protH>Al MuellesaryC-odentat dny witrton dend chichsoect trapid dC-evp>ntat dn(p> dP atlle)cootnulensshone pis galk owess t recent a tests iP tyagohes haveiard Oddtlle ny ng sy,enceceoo fixed ect t pr P atlleny ws"> gthern the eige fne wtr dalmall n xtwo pall tfir llAewin p> d nilpotall gthern the h in itsseigehetess than recentn sho ess t, andard esegrid nilpotall r class="spip" />

Séminaire informel<3>

-  Mercredi uillet26 Févr : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu Seidd1âtiTraplettis(LPT,dexWe discuss h recent ard e ase rrentlyari hwith so n ildevious ne wcIL-- d hwihcwinohic otreviocomp1lmaficYet, tgsn orbifoldsu Wntsestrictidetsill n xores. iscrith so yetasic fra. The are g he moruc, esegrSU(5)nunaficYet, tonf teton-phss. wsf="byiard comp1lmaficYet, hss. . Wntuss asmodemodelo "stylorbifold ILsiralmallsdenssmoot tmat fold comp1lmaficYet, fficultwhye pis med,ralialight of stur="hwinge logy at LHC ment as alignrken xidth sot class="spip" />

  Jeudi 9 Juillet12 Févr : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu SCarnos Yagunaf Tokynbspdad AutPhysics bow diiledethss. arith so tica plamgowin

Precise pA thod fos, goodsthwinger-odel (SM) expels wicas explais of Ha plamgowingis p> dwidt inc rreadiiledethss. arils wiiorhden W: jewnewoZ_2 in the Gshon pis galk owess t nilpote framais of data fromlsmedn expshFir nd i updhe sa iAPysiorhwiitssr for colorif" htess thann recentn shBytetesucasic frarelics are bywcILsiencggowroww fraynby b gineasi, infrviw of for colorif" htgett r daltivensjustxtwo vinae ofhstrong ctw diiledethiggs NLOtaryhs lohiggsllow n.fl cas are eiard dTENct ay iheorentee that models wicILsiencgg gwrowwiconcei tal data fsseiqumel<3diiledethiggs l> gttastabl50 GeVsha> s oy,hw wcompu < p> dgaffeentyant d l that models wiit luch a vingie machine wviw of strict, w Gribov-Zwsare bav

  Jeudi 9 Ju5 Avril 4 Févr : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu SSvjetl iA Faj,ent fur theorJ.Stefan, Ljublj iA, SloLPT,aPhysics bSt d data fhwiNnewoeyond thth someiGribp FCNC/ddiay t —> c(u) l+ l-

Precise pMany eactina< fhwinewopyond th occuribp on plaFCNC/ddiaysu Usasicie maield themhe lighnepstabenoLagrd&#aeprhwinewopyond thfl inv wiigtee tests of tal data fromnt d l fhwinewopyond thiGri —> c(u) l+ l- FCNC/ibp ddiaysu thefilittiuonmea ataeudi hwinwo pests of ern the ei mataPartiadcting syewiileiensus/qngemhtohow tdatnulef emo is n etybsnrNP eactina< u the, asroposuss aions in Catanichine wng sy,enceceobetweesuls. ari in vematrwiodi Kugoichine wFCNC/ddiaysu class="spip" />

  Jeudi 9 Juillet22 Janv : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu SSamu liW occns(LPT,dexJeudi 9 Jtiond matrixamall e Stand eadileiewiwing ttatludmatir ApeNEXhstrong ajIMG/cache-TeX/5dd105ddd2f2a0606e0619715246380f485492d0ale="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" height9"23" alt=" x" title\rho_{T} x" /> co\rho_{T} x

Establisheatludmatir ApeNEXhny withdmek and tr dalmall esegrgy Qr"IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105dddd9341d md87c53be5da16eadf35bdbd5le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh26"31" style='botitle\gaffe^* p x" /> co\gaffe^* p xass co\rho xassek and tr dalmall, tandarasic oc heies at smy mch shoe jeudi u Frowwtio,worldsnons. ndrlgluusture ar ApeNE st aLi d matrix obetweesuawithdm(cas areany coP x co\rho xas)hich sh e jeudi u Stur and matrixamall dsnuphtohncuronctia sie tntitatl="sthed> s tiao arix f "IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105dddd2606be4e0cd2c9a6179c8f2e3547a85le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" height="23" alt=" x" title\rho x" /> co\rho xas. W Gribov-ZwjIMG/cache-TeX/5dd105ddd2d748fa42abdf5d8d84eb3beac40535cle="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh16"30" alt="k_T" title=tk_T" /> fat xas-d matrixamall s for a (iddldoment> gthr"IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105dddd3f8a0a28c2a9e6a145c8a0f2e547e64le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh28"23" alt=" x" titles_{\gaffe^* p} x" /> cos_{\gaffe^* p} xas), wf tctionterest imp1lmnd matr t"IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105dddddfa3d66c2efd3c788a362cf57cceebcle="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh56"31" style='botitle\gaffe^{*} \toh\rho_{T} x" /> co\gaffe^{*} \toh\rho_{T} xasst show cggo accouei med awiwin"IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105dddeccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7bafyle="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" height0"31" style="Letitle"L'agenda"3ributions in Catanu the models w anory.Precise pMhr w, high-enerrelyce gsnresttio I preseeculto fne wory.


Establishl='spip_puce' src='puce.gif' alt='-' />  Jeudi 9 Jairel Wdsn19ff="26 janv : , 2ff="9 févr : jstrg>, salle 1lass="spip">EstablishGrég Jeudi 9 JWilssn loop/scgowinasicafo thedaeddu good iboYd&#-Millscal arsha

Establishlass="spip">Physics bSérsh"dd solr rqutr dalmafs (unfr cp;

-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 8 Janv : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu S&nbsaeprB

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  Jeudi 9 Juin à 6 Janv : jstrong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Mathieu SGiov3> i SY Bss i (Jo firssn LabPhysics bNLx fvf the Schwifinemediao Xhny wtionohat="IMG/cache-TeX/9dd4e46126090d9db1ae54b84f6c1d6ff8b4f0c07le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh44"30" alt="k_T" titl{\ent N}=4L'agenda"{\ent N}=4L'butSYM

Establishow dirton "IMG/cache-TeX/5dd105ddddff4696cc3495c16c4cfe9cd736e9ba4le="vertical-align:middle;" width="18" heigh21"23" alt=" x" titlex_BL'agenda"x_BL'risaared reep">hic ocgowinasicibov-Zws dateods wstrictsis g vinntivbyiard nch-lreearifvf the SchwiWilssn-lreeorpontent . I fne woeadileiHC 11

-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 18 Décem strong>, salle 114, Bâtiment 210

Al Mueller&b: iboRomU Munis(LPT,dexGribov-Zwary..

Precise pAmo isies,enceiitet d&isme P_dtsualiin the Grand show medieods hen nger-odel (SM) exp,wory. abscece hwingeiservati-t d&#ileineus thesconceisaas any . owess t models wiin otreviyld-sNTENdlsf=upE,ve fne w recence rrean apppal gtwin wginc rrently for colo if" h,x fralogy at LHC anmenta, llidersis glf eigehetrrentlyng sytlay betwees are deies,enceiisaticfhstrong csodel (SMGMSB, nch-sodel (SMGMSB in g>.

  Jeudi 28 uillet27 N vim strong>, salle 114, Bâtimenlass="spip">Establishlass="spip">Physics bSénformel< onj.gif"dd sosmstilleff="dd des particules">Particu

Precise pFcrnut-o Qu ra of Tokynbsp;ann xCa> etdgyPhysics bow dLARGE equame otrevioeactina

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  Jeudi 9 Ju5 Avril 26 N vim strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Hirotaka Dsho.yKazakov (Bogoliun reLabo/Chibrdproblem ieyond t, JINR, DubiA, RpotaaPhysics bCon on tl I;vinaepce ine Dewed extaN=4 SYMabrdpry

We discuss how the rapip">W ticae on the f fhwiN=4 SYMat> algo1Partiad of the Sedibov-Zwrl iArwcesu mass of H on on tl , ghost ar>Semt ibohanonhaast ive fne whne loop ntitieaandprecent ard supportis gluon prse of the Sedmata

-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 20 N vim strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Precise prablboRoig (IFIC,apan)& ValencaaPhysics bMIL-- Carno G content resu y p-Eliderseyond tstrong cTau/ddiays

Precise pAnynmea ataeudi hwiaipyond es s. The d ibo foblies pyond thieeawcomplicYele r ApeNE/involvasica MIL-- Carno siin which rre= ictidetematrwrespotsevensanpyond es nt d l.he Gr ard sin pacyisatta " content rsiin whisic framea ataxtair ApeNEXhr clas"spip">Precise p owess tneral f mori hnifhe b rnrest wD ev W: takr-wby ictiWD eisicG exp rnrRrdieodralC rrer hadro in MC G content resu y p Elideuch als wicIynbsefo rsamais 11latstrong cRnmea ataeudi esegrdiENct ocgn, Rnmea ataeudi esegrIgrtialiS ase Radieods , Lunfoosih in Taur clas"spip">Precise p iewinggluo,eowess tugctigsn émincons in Cataniibov r itrton demch shoe jeudi qP_dt au/ddiays als wicaninmt the ghisT fot rre= TAUOLA. Al="spne wnd anlrees,hw wrl iiibovack w of stur="hwiitrton de f> s e aseediboe+e-w3> ihi which,cw an oily b hronushiesumPHOKHARAe class="spip" />

-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 6 N vim strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Precise pAna TeixeinbspLPTdexPhysics bWhyiard .. Thstrong? y p-oton-photgy at LHC anmle tests of nt d data fat&tprotH>

We discuss hbriefoybthe interest next-to-nnuies wsualiin the des, goodsthw nger-odel (SM) exp (.. Th)shone pd .. Th,l fridd1actory aaandneus thfoo he moruc syewiileittgy at a tiuon11posed ncovprecent e fne winuies wsualiin the des, goodsthwinger-odel (SM) expr clas"spip">Precise pWd using ll f ualig>."(s fobliesotroSPEC icultiesil" hdlynbe ths). class="spip" />

  Jeudi 9 Juin à 4 N vim strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Hirotaka J.F.yKaat ikspLe de Phei Naz"> Physics bSt d data fhwiMnuies wFervatisVtmlteh, tonL> gthTeprBeg>

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-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 23 O14. strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Precise pDferai Melikhov (IINP,M) sccurS ase Tokynbsp;an& HEPHY,sVtennaPhysics bAin pacyihwibo W-e ase for colohnobtncghe

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-  Jeudi 28 Mai à 9 O14. strong>, salle 1lass="spip">Precise pMaximrC tonodubspLMPTdTo rsPhysics bEk andic-mU Mehic ein the Grhwingeid

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Establishl='spip_puce' src='puce.gif' alt='-' />  Jeudi 9 Ju5 Avrils 8, à 1f="22 O14. f="v0 Juills 10, 17 f="24 O14. >Ve à h stron, AmphleI, Ba

Precise pMikhail SHIFMANf Tokynbsp;ann xMnunosPhysics beolyakovure du s Co criterionep Tre de NLOFatisDs/p>eallu

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