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Theorique d'Orsay

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Bât. 210
Univ. Paris-Sud
Université Paris-Saclay
91405 Orsay Cedex
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Membres du groupe de physique statistique / Statistical Physics group

Chercheurs / Staff

-  Cécile Appert-Rolland : models, Monte Carlo simulations and data analysis. Out-of-equilibrium systems (exclusion processes) ; applications to road and pedestrian traffic, and to intracellular transport (neurons, fungi).

-  Martial Mazars : low-dimensional systems and long range interactions ; fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces, mono-, bi-, and and multilayers, biological membranes ; crystal phases and melting ; theory and numerical simulations.

-  Gatien Verley : nonequilibrium systems, statistics of small systems.

Etudiants / Phd students

-  Lydia Chabane (thesis student with G. Verley) : . Fluctuations dynamiques et thermodynamique stochastique des systèmes conduits périodiquement.

Chercheurs Emérites / Emeriti Staff

-  Jean-Michel Caillol : theory and numerical simulations of liquids and plasmas, non-perturbative renormalization group for liquids and lattice systems.

-  Henk Hilhorst : fundamental problems in statistical mechanics ; phase transitions, stochastic processes, random cellular structures ; models and Monte Carlo simulations of pedestrian traffic.

Anciens membres du groupe / Former group members

-  Dominique Levesque : long-range interactions, theory and simulation of liquids.

-  Jean-Jacques Weis : theory and simulation of liquids, ferrofluids and magnetic colloids.