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Bât. 210
Univ. Paris-Sud
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Cosmology and gravity seminars 2019-2020

Les séminaires se tiennent en salle 110 au 1er étage du bâtiment 210.

Seminars are held in room 110, 1st floor of building 210

Contact :Eugeny.Babichev

Upcoming seminars

-  Tuesday November 12, 2pm, room 110

Miguel Zumalacarregui (UC Berkeley & IPhT Saclay) : Testing Gravity and Dark Energy with Cosmology and Gravitational Waves

Alternative theories of gravity may provide viable models of cosmic acceleration with the possibility of alleviating shortcomings of the standard paradigm such as discrepant measurement of the Hubble parameter. I will present recent progress in constructing viable, yet extremely predictive theories of gravity and dark energy, extracting their cosmological implications and testing them with data, current and forthcoming. I will also present how most of these theories affect the propagation of gravitational waves. In particular, the speed of gravitational waves provides the most stringent test for a large class of theories, which have been recently ruled out by the GW speed measurement following the neutron star merger GW170817. Other effects on gravitational wave propagation (damping, modified dispersion and oscillations) can be used to test the landscape of gravitational theories.

Past seminars

-  Tuesday October 8, 11am, room 110

Federico Urban (Inst. of Physics Prague) : Binary pulsars as probes for ULDM

Binary pulsars can very precise detectors for Ultralight Dark Matter : I will show how we can recover several properties of Ultralight Dark Matter (spin, mass, interactions) by looking at secular variations of the binary orbital parameters.