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Monday 16 November 2009

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Interesting NMSSM Scenarios

The NMSSM specific scenarios below are considered as particularly interesting. Some of them correspond to previously published bench mark points, but with minor modifications due to new experimental constraints and updates of our spectrum calculator. Each point carries a name "xxx", and can be downloaded in the form of a tar-zipped file xxx.tgz. After typing "tar xzvf xxx.tgz" you obtain the two files "xxx.spectr" (containing the input parameters, spectrum, mixing angles and Higgs couplings in SLHA2 format) and "xxx.decay" with the Higgs branching ratios in SLHA2 format.

I) Scenarios with Higgs-to-Higgs decays

II) Scenarios with many Higgs bosons below ~200 GeV

III) Scenarios with relatively light charged Higgs bosons, with unconventional decays into and/or of the charged Higgs boson, still missing

IV) Scenarios with Higgs production in sparticle cascade decays, still missing

V) Scenario with possible A -> 6tau decays (albeit with small BRs), name 6tau

VI) Scenarios with a singlino LSP

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