Scope of the conference
TGF conferences aim at building bridges between various fields which are all dealing with transport. Three main themes emerged, i.e. road traffic, granular matter, and biological transport., though some other aspects of transport may also be tackled. Different points of view, i.e. modeling, simulations, experiments, and phenomenological observations, will be considered. Plenary sessions and poster sessions should be favorable opportunities for building bridges between the different fields and exchange experiences, methods, ideas, etc. Parallel sessions allow also the conference to be a meeting point for each of the involved communities. The topics covered by the conference include
  • highway or urban vehicular traffic
    • Dynamics of traffic
    • Macro/micro modeling
    • Measurements, data analysis
    • Security issues
    • Assignment
    • Psychology issues
  • pedestrian traffic
  • animal traffic (social insects...)
  • collective motion in biological systems (molecular motors...)
  • granular flow
    • dense flows
    • intermittent flows
    • solid/liquid transition
    • jamming
    • force networks
    • fluid and solid friction...
  • networks
    • biological networks, urban traffic, internet, epidemics, social networks
    • vulnerability of networks, adaptive traffic and dynamical networks
  • cellular automata applied to the various aforementionned fields
and more...