BPol Proposal Working Group Archives

The purpose of these web pages is to facilitate communication within and between the three working groups formed to prepare a proposal for Phase A Study for the BPol satellite mission in response to the upcoming ESA Cosmic Vision call. There are three archives (set up using GNU Mailman software). To receive mailings and to be able to post to the archives one must subscribe to the relevant list/archive. Coordinators will subscribe those who have already expressed interest. Those interested in subscribing may click on "Join mailing list" and follow the instructions provided. To post a contribution, send your contribution (with possible attachments BUT PLEASE AVOID EXCESSIVELY LARGE FILES) by e-mail to the addresses indicated below. The contributions are moderated by the coordinators of the various lists. Consequently, there is a delay between the instant of posting and when the contribution appears. Once a contribution has been accepted by the moderator, it will be sent to all members of the list and inserted in the archive which may be viewed by members of the list. The archives are password protected. In case of technical problems with the archives, please send e-mail to: bpol AT th.u-psud.fr

  • Foregrounds Working Group
    (Coordinator: Carlo Burigana [burigana AT iasfbo.inaf.it])
  • Instrument Working Group
    (Coordinator: Paolo De Bernardis [paolo.debernardis AT roma1.infn.it] )
  • Science Case Working Group
    (Coordinator: Martin Bucher [bucher AT th.u-psud.fr] )
  • Documents in common