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Theorique d'Orsay

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Bâtiment 210
Univ. Paris-Sud 11
91405 Orsay Cedex
T. 01 69 15 63 53
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Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Particle Physics at LPT Orsay : QCD phenomenology

The Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (Orsay, France) invites applications for an initial period of one year in the area of field theory and QCD phenomenology. The group is in close contact with the experimental and theory groups at Orsay University, Ecole Polytechnique and CEA - Saclay. We anticipate a starting date around September 2012. There are no teaching duties. Applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae, a list of publications, a statement of present/future research interests and must arrange for two letters of recommendation. The application form should be received by February 25, 2012 for full consideration.

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