Evening Event

The conference diner will take place on Wednesday 20th of June, at the CNRS center, in Gif-sur-Yvette. A photograph of the castle can be found there.
Some directions to go there will be given later.

As the access is controled, we shall need a list with the names of all participants. Please give us the name of accompagnying persons as soon as possible.
The participation to the diner is included only in the 200/220 euros fees. Participants who pay the reduced fees and accompagnying persons have to pay an extra 25 euros (the conference will pay for the remaining cost).
Cash paiement for the diner will be possible only at the registration desk during the Wednesday afternoon coffee break.
Unfortunately, no more than 100 persons can participate to the diner. So please confirm to us whether you want to participate to the diner (even if you already answered on the registration form). As there is a limited number of places, we shall give the priority to the first answers...
If your fees include conference diner, and if you do not intend to participate, please tell us also, so that a maximum of students may participate.