Proceedings will be published by Springer.
All contributors to the TGF07 conference, presenting an oral or a poster communication, may submit a paper for the proceedings.

Deadline for submission

Manuscript should be submitted before the deadlines indicated below, and sent to the conference email address

Number of pages

The maximal number of pages is
  • 16 pages for plenary talks (deadline 13rd of Oct. 2007)
  • 10 pages for oral communications (deadline 6th of Oct. 2007)
  • 6 pages for posters (deadline 29th of Sept. 2007)


For practical reasons, it is much easier to deal with only one format. Thus we ask you to submit your paper in latex format. Please tell us if you need any help.

In order to have a homogeneous presentation, please follow the indications below (or given in the templates). Thank-you in advance for your help!
  • Names of authors : please give the full names (first name and last name).
  • Multiple addresses : they will be labeled with numbers.
  • A summary will be provided at the beginning of the paper (typically between 5 and 20 lines).
  • Bibliography :
    • Bibliographic references will be labeled with numbers and numbered in the order of appearance in the text.
    • For references published in journals, the title of the paper will not be given.
    • Classical abbreviations will be used for the journal names.
    • Some examples will be given in the templates for books, proceedings, journals, etc.
  • Color figures are possible. However, they should be used only if colors carry some extra information.
Be aware that the editors may introduce some minor modifications to your paper without notice. In particular, some figures may be turned into black and white if color is not necessary.


Here are the latex templates. They include 5 files:
  • templates/author.tex : the latex file where you can include the text of your contribution.
  • templates/figure.eps : one example of figure file. This is encapsulated postscript.
  • templates/referenc.tex : the file where you will list your bibliographic references.
  • templates/ : the two last files are style files that are needed for compiling the latex file.
  • templates/svmult.cls : same comment.
For those who are not used to latex, the commands to compile the latex file are:
  • latex author
  • latex author
  • dvips author
Note that the latex command has been runned twice on purpose. The dvips command creates a postscript file. You can turn it into a pdf file with the command "ps2pdf" for example (linux command).
When you submit your contribution, please send the latex file + reference file + figures in a single zip or gzip file, with your name appearing in the zipfile name, this would be helpful.