Scope of the conference

This conference aims at developing the French-Russian interaction at the mathematical/physics interface.

There is a long tradition in both countries in mathematical physics. The cooperation is also very active as exemplified by the existence of Laboratory Poncelet, which is a joint French-Russian laboratory.

The first French-Russian conference on Random Geometry and Physics was held in Moscow at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 8-12, 2014. This second French-Russian conference Random Geometry and Physics, now held at Institut Henri Poincaré in the center of Paris, coincides with the 50th anniversary of official scientific ties between France and the former USSR.

The interface between combinatorics and random geometry on the mathematical side and quantum field theory and statistical mechanics on the physics side is in fast development in France and Russia. For instance the 20th Itzykson conference "Random surfaces and Random geometry", held in Institut de Physique Théorique at CEA, June 10-12 2015 was entirely devoted to this subject. New methods have recently emerged such as combinatorics of maps and random tensors. Since they imply new forms of integrability, they could greatly benefit from the corresponding leading expertise in Russia.

The goal is also to encourage the new generations of French and Russian mathematical physics to know each other. Hence there will be equilibrium between seniors and young speakers. The conference might also lead to new PhD cotutelles, postdoc exchanges, and various other collaborations, extending beyond the traditional channels through the Russian diaspora in France.