Thursday 10. April
9h30 - 10h10 coffee and registration
10h10 - 11h40 First session (Chairman Jean-Patrick LEBACQUE)
10h10 - 10h40 Eddie WILSON
Individual Vehicle Inductance Loop Data with Spatial Extent
10h40 - 11h10 Hugues CHATE
Collective properties of self-propelled particles with and without cohesion
11h10 - 11h40 Julien PETTRE
Agent-based Navigation Model with Anticipation
13h45 - 14h15 2nd session (Chairman Eddie WILSON)
13h45 - 14h15 Aurelien DURET
Individual Adjustment and Individual Optimization of the Newell's Car Following Parameters
14h15 - 14h45 Serge HOOGENDOORN
Advanced Calibration of Car-Following Models using Trajectory Data and Implications for Modelling
14h45 - 15h15 Antoine TORDEUX
Definition and calibration of a car following model
15h15 - 16h coffee break
16h - 17h30 3rd session (Chairman Serge HOOGENDOORN)
16h - 16h30 Sven MAERIVOET
Feeding Delicious Data to Hungry Models
16h30 - 17h Christian THIEMANN
Estimating Acceleration and Lane-Changing Dynamics Based on NGSIM Trajectory Data
17h - 17h30 Tomer TOLEDO
Modeling of lane changing behavior

Friday 11. April
9h - 10h 4th session (Chairman ?)
9h - 9h30 Jean-Patrick LEBACQUE
Identification of GSOM models
9h30 - 10h Pierre DEGOND
A continuum model with phase transitions for the modeling of traffic jams
10h - 10h35 coffee break
10h35 - 11h35 5th session (Chairwoman Winnie DAAMEN)
10h35 - 11h05 Ludger SANTEN
Stochastic models for bidirectional transport
11h05 - 11h35 Milan KRBALEK
Detecting a mental strain of car drivers by means of Random Matrix Theory instruments
13h30 - 14h30 6th session (Chairman Pierre DEGOND)
13h30 - 14h Winnie DAAMEN
pedestrian simulation tool Nomad: basics and latest developments
14h - 14h30 Stéphane DONIKIAN
Simulem, a goal oriented multi-layered behavioural simulator dedicated to mobility areas
14h30 - 15h coffee break
15h - 16h 7th session (Chairman Ludger SANTEN)
15h - 15h30 Thorsten NEUMANN
The impact of traffic lights in the context of the TASEP and the Nagel-Schreckenberg model
15h30 - 16h Cécile APPERT-ROLLAND
Influence of on-ramps on lane occupation and short range interactions between vehicles