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Communication titles
Cécile Appert-Rolland Influence of on-ramps on lane occupation and short range interactions between vehicles
Hugues Chaté Collective properties of self-propelled particles with and without cohesion
Winnie Daamen pedestrian simulation tool Nomad: basics and latest developments
Pierre Degond A continuum model with phase transitions for the modeling of traffic jams
Joint work with F. Berthelin, M. Delitala, V. Le Blanc, S. Moutari, J. Royer, M. Rascle
Abstract: -------- We will consider a continuum traffic model with built-in phase transitions from free to congested traffic (respectively modeled by second order and first order models). The phase transition is obtained through the saturation of a maximal density constraint which depends on the average flow velocity. The model is obtained through a singular limit from the Aw-Rascle traffic model. An important feature of this model is that its stationary states spontaneously obey the fundamental diagram, without the need for any additional relaxation term, by contrast to standard second order models. This in particular shows that the fundamental diagram is built inside the microscopic kinetics of the particles.
Stéphane Donikian Simulem, a goal oriented multi-layered behavioural simulator dedicated to mobility areas
Aurelien Duret Individual Adjustment and Individual Optimization of the Newell's Car Following Parameters
Serge Hoogendoorn Advanced Calibration of Car-Following Models using Trajectory Data and Implications for Modelling
Milan Krbalek Detecting a mental strain of car drivers by means of Random Matrix Theory instruments.
Antoine Tordeux Joint work with Sylvain Lassarre
Definition and calibration of a car following model
Jean-Patrick Lebacque Identification of GSOM models
Sven Maerivoet Feeding Delicious Data to Hungry Models
Thorsten Neumann The impact of traffic lights in the context of the TASEP and the Nagel-Schreckenberg model
Julien Pettre Agent-based Navigation Model with Anticipation
Ludger Santen Stochastic models for bidirectional transport
Christian Thiemann Estimating Acceleration and Lane-Changing Dynamics Based on NGSIM Trajectory Data
Tomer Toledo Modeling of lane changing behavior
Eddie Wilson Individual Vehicle Inductance Loop Data with Spatial Extent