For more than 50 years Bernard Jancovici enthusiastically devoted himself to research in physics. After his first works in nuclear physics, he turned to statistical physics from the point of view of first principles and solvable models, with a particular interest in Coulomb interactions. His contributions in this field earned him an international recognition, while his pedagogical and brilliant lectures made him a well-known professor in the universities of the Paris area. The conference is aimed to provide an overview of the approach he promoted through the presentation of current research achievements in statistical physics that go beyond Bernard Jancovici's favorite subjects but share the same quest for analytical results from first principles

The conference will be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris 5th district) where Bernard Jancovici gave his Master's lectures on statistical physics during several years.

Scientific conference


Young Jancovici hiking in the Alps
  • First principles, Coulomb interactions and phase transitions
  • From classical electrostatics to quantum electrodynamics
  • From 1D or 2D Coulomb systems to integrable systems and random matrices
  • Beyond universal screening sum-rules : universal relations in non-equilibrium statistical physics


Alain Comtet (LPTMS, Orsay), Françoise Cornu (LPT, Orsay), Henri Orland (IPhT, Saclay).


Registration is free but mandatory for security reasons.

Web Page dedicated to Bernard Jancovici

“Grandpa” Jancovici still hiking

Bernard Jancovici's publications can be found here.

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